Terms & Conditions

Booking and Payments

Upon reservation of the property the Holidaymaker must make the initial payment to the owner of 50% of the full cost. If payment is not received within one week of us contacting you the reservation will be cancelled. Upon receipt of initial payment the owner will issue confirmation of the booking.

The balance of the rental charge must be paid by the Holidaymaker to the owner no later than 6 weeks prior to the commencement of the holiday.

All payments can be made by cheque or bank transfer.

Cancellation by the Holidaymaker

The Holidaymaker should notify in writing when cancelling booking. No refunds will be given on the cancellation of the booking by the Holidaymaker.

Cancellation by the Owner

If the owner is unable to accommodate the Holidaymaker because the property becomes unavailable for whatever reason, they will refund all monies paid by the Holidaymaker or offer a new date at the Lodge, which ever the Holidaymaker prefers.

Responsibilities of the Holidaymakers

During the period of the holiday the Holidaymaker (personally and on behalf of all other people visiting the property) undertakes as follows.

  1. That the number of people occupying the property will not exceed the number stated on the holiday confirmation.
  2. That the property will be used solely for the purpose of a holiday by the Holidaymaker and his/her party.
  3. To allow the owner to access the property at any reasonable time during the period of the holiday.
  4. To keep the property and all furniture, utensils, equipment, fixtures and fittings in or on the property in the same state of repair and condition as at the commencement of the holiday and to ensure that at the end of the holiday the property is left in the same state of order and cleanliness in which it was found. The owner reserves the right to levy an additional charge for any extra cleaning required after the Holidaymaker's occupancy and for any consequential loss.
  5. To report as soon as possible to the owner any breakages or damage caused by the Holidaymaker during the holiday and to reimburse the owner with the cost of replacement.
  6. To arrive after 4pm on arrival day (Friday) and to vacate the property by 10am on the departure unless prior arrangement has been agreed with owner.
  7. Not (without the express permission of the owner) to allow any person other than guests booked and staying in the property for their holiday to use the facilities and amenities of the property.

In the event of a breach of any of the undertakings set out in clause 1-7 the owner can refuse to allow the Holidaymaker to take possession of the property or make the Holidaymaker leave the property before the end of the holiday. In either case the Holidaymaker shall be deemed to have cancelled the booking and the Holidaymaker shall have no claim for compensation or reimbursement whatsoever.


Smoking is not permitted at all within the Lodge.


The Holidaymaker is Liable for all damage caused by his/her pets. The Holidaymaker should remove all trace (inside and out) from the property of pet occupation before final departure.

The owner reserves the right to levy an additional charge for any extra cleaning required after the Holidaymaker's occupancy. The Holidaymaker must not allow pets on beds or furniture within the property and pets must not be left alone in the property at any time.


The Holidaymaker's (and all other members of the Holidaymaker's party) personal belongings and vehicles (together with their contents) are left at the property entirely at their own risk.

The owner shall accept no liability to the Holidaymaker for any loss, damage or injury howsoever caused to the Holidaymaker or to the Holidaymaker's personal property (or to persons in the Holidaymaker's party or their personal property) during their stay at the property except to the extent such loss, damage or injury is caused by the negligence or wilful default of the owner.


In the unlikely event the Holidaymaker may have cause for dissatisfaction, the Holidaymaker should contact the owner as soon as possible. The owner will resolve them if at all possible.

Change over day

All bookings from Friday to Friday.

Guests are asked to arrive 4pm onwards and on departure days guests are asked to leave by 10am.